Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Food blogger/writer, Jack Monroe.

Recently, I've been obsessed with food bloggers, cook books and bloggers that work with a budget. With a plus one that costs a bomb to feed and a budget that just doesn't stretch to it, I needed help.

Step up,

I can really identify with Jack, having been in a similar situation not that long ago - minus a small dependent. She's made such a positive of a negative that affects so many of us but we don't talk about it!

This girl is the answer to all my problems. If you're not that flush and you can't quite stretch to a cook book purchase, do as I did and run down to the library, after all it's what they're there for! And I'm sure Jack wouldn't mind. 

I choose a bread recipe, falalfel, gnocchi, satay chicken, meatballs, ice cream, a Mediterranean dish and one or two extras and headed down to tesco to pick up the ingredients. It came to a whopping £26 (a major bargain) and that included extras such as cereal bars. 

I spent an entire day filling my freezer with all these dishes & so far so good. We're still working through the ones he likes and doesn't like but if you're looking for a challenge, a way to save a bit without giving up taste or healthy eating then this is the lady for you! 

Oh and good news! she has a second book coming, around my birthday! (hint, hint anyone.)

R x

Sale shopping!

I've been shopping! a dangerous form of cardio.

These are the major bargains i've managed to pick up.
Dress - H&M £3! (can you believe it? It was £30.) Gillet - Zara - £15, Bag - Zara £10, Heels - Zara £20, Tee shirt - M&S £6 & finally the espadrilles - H&M £7. 

I worked out that if I had paid full price for these, it would have been a hundred pounds more than I paid .. astonishing! 

R x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

My week in pictures.

My days off this week consisted of the following..

Discovering another cute plant pot that has doubled up as my hair brush holder, you can find this in sainsburys for £3, I have my eye on the yellow one but I don't have a use for it! 

Then I thought sorting through my old stuff was a good idea.. Always stressful!

A visit to a 1940's museum, isn't this bar really cute?

And finally, a lovely walk with my pooch. 

R x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Benefit - they're real mascara.

Okay, I'm late to the party with this one. I'm not the type to run out and buy something during its hype period - I need a lot of convincing. It just so happens I got a sample size in a beauty box. 

And it was worth the wait! 

As you can see the brush is really defined to get inbetween those lashes, it really separates and 
lifts your lashes. The colour is very defined and really makes those lashes stand out, it could be a liner and mascara in one. Another major pro; it does not budge. I have to say, I've read so many reviews but for me personally this almost looks like I have fake lashes on. 

It isn't the cheapest - but I imagine it would last quite a long time. If you're a minimalist on make up this will seriously make your eyes stand out with hardly any need for anything else.

Plus! They're real mascara has a sista coming! - a gel based eye liner pen. This is a totally new product to the forum and I cannot wait to see if it's like the mascara. Perfect cat flicks with wide eyes coming up! 

Thank you Benefit! X

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lush - King of skin

Hello lovelies!

I might be making myself really unpopular with this post, it's about a blogger favourite.. 

The lush king of skin body butter. 
You use this after all washing etc as a wet moisturiser and then wash it off before you get out. 

I have to say for me this product is a no no, I won't be making another purchase. If you're like me that the idea of feeling a bit slippery and oily even after washing it off and off again then it really isn't for you! 

On the plus side, your skin will be soft as anything! but you'll feel like you're covered in a slippery substance for hours. 

Sorry Lush! 

R x

Thursday, 29 May 2014

What's on my face #2

I went to a Rugby dinner as a proud WAG recently.. can I get away with that title? 
I wanted a simple make up look that mainly relied on a pop of colour on my lips, so here it is:

Face - Benefit, porefessional; Laura Mercier primer (radiance), Collection concealer, Rimmel match perfection foundation (classic ivory 101). Topshop cream blush in head over heels, Topshop highlighter glow stick, Laura Mercier bronzer in Dune Bronze. 
Applied with :- Real Techniques, expert face brush. 

Eyebrows - Rimmel 002 hazel brow pencil. 

Eyes - Collection work the colour eyeshadow pencil in vintage blush 3. B. precise long wearing gel eyeliner in black. 
Applied with : Real techniques, fine liner brush. 

Lips - Burts bees lip balm & Topshop lip cream in Sweetie. 

R x

BB cream

BB cream is one of the new 'in' products, there are so many to choose from, different brands, prices etc where do you turn?! 
If you're like me and really think hard before you buy a product then maybe this budget find will suit you. 

This BB cream is from... the 99p store! 
So as you might have guessed it was 99p - it also boasts a SPF of 15.. can this get much better? the answer is yes!

I can honestly say this is a dream find, it glides on brilliantly, I have very red cheeks and sometimes a quite uneven skin tone, this is like a cross between a tinted moisturisor, foundation and a silky goddess. My mum recommended this and she's quite fussy about what she's uses and has sensitive skin so this may well suit you too! 

I haven't yet tried a more expensive BB cream so I wouldn't be able to recommend if they are any better for the higher price tag but I do urge you grab this even if its for the days you don't wanna use your best stuff!

R x